Malone Center for Excellence in Teaching

Our Mission and Philosophy

The Center’s mission is to promote student learning by providing all university faculty with support in the use of innovative technology and high-impact teaching practices.

We recognize that creative teaching occurs with or without the assistance of technology and dismiss the premise that the mere integration of technology into the instructional process conveys, on its own, creativity. Our definition of creative teaching transcends the delivery medium and, instead, tightly focuses on the instructional process and message.

​Whether you choose to engage in creative classroom practices with a piece of chalk or from behind a lectern, we want to assist you in achieving your goals through:

Instructional Technology Support

Instructional Design and Canvas Support

Technology Equipment and Resources

Captioning and Assistive Technology

Innovative Teaching Spaces

Professional Development Programs

Personal Consultations with Our Staff

It is important to consider accessibility for students who need accommodation as you plan course content and activities. Not all tools included in the Malone Center Instructional Technology Toolkit are fully accessible, but all can be valuable for teaching and learning. If you choose to use these tools, please consider how you will make the activity or assignment accessible if requested.